Saturday, September 12, 2015


I have changed. I have planted myself here in San Diego and I plan to stay... at least, for now.

Through the simple task of writing down my goals in a place that I see everyday I have effectively started knocking down some of my short and long term goals.

One of my goals is to start opening up to the passions that I have long lost and not only rekindle those passions but to emerge myself in them. I am not really involved in social media and I have become recluse to a world I feel is in limbo. We are in a constant state of change and I feel that the lack of a positive direction to that change caused me to close my eyes to it but I am ready to rejoin the world and change along with it.

The idea of sharing thoughts and dreams on the internet has for a long time been a fear of mine. Although I really do work to keep judgement out of my life I am but human. And as humans we judge ourselves and others around us. In a world of crazy, anything you say or do has a way of attracting judgements from our peers. I believe that has muted my voice, this fear paralysis, and it has taken away the power I have been granted by the rules of man in this great country and that is my freedom of speech. My way of communication as well as declaration. This is who I am. Who am I?

My name is Jared Hamiter. Ham for short.

This is the start of my attempt to write my own reality. To take back my voice and strengthen it. As soon as I write it it is written and recorded in time not to be forgotten(as is the case with so many things I have said are too good to forget). This is not for the benefit or approval of others. It is but a tool. A tool that will strengthen my voice, ignite my lost passions, connect me to the world and it will teach me about myself and how I can change to be the self that I intend to be.

Peace and God bless us all.