Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Be the change you want to see in the world

So when is the last time somebody asked you, "So, what do you want to do?"?

In this crazy world it is too easy to give yourself an excuse not to make something or do something that you really want to do. Something special to you that your heart cries out for but you have given yourself an excuse not to dream and take a backseat to this reality that we are so lucky to have.

I don't have any money.
It isn't a good time for me.
I'm tired.
After I get a job.
When I am not involved in school would be better.
I am alone. Nobody will go with me...

When I see the beautiful souls that walk this earth with me I see an entire people that have no greater hope for this life other than to make it to the next day. I see so many people that are suffering together as one that couldn't feel more alone. We all feel alone despite our best efforts to surround ourselves with family and friends. In the great city of San Diego where I live I see people that are afraid to talk to one another, be it a simple "hello" or "good morning". Basic human interaction is at a stand still because we all fear that some crazy will put our lives in danger when the most simple gesture, a smile, can warm a person from the inside out. That feeling of acceptance, that little voice that tells you, "You are not alone.". Some call it good will towards men, some call it just being friendly or good ol' hospitality and I think it boils down to the most simplified explanation which is love. If you help a lady to cross the street.... it's love. If you give a man 2 dollars so that he has enough gas to make it home, that's love. If you feel bad when somebody misses the bus or you want to cheer up a random stranger that is having a really bad day, it is all love and we all know it. We all affect one another and there is that connection that cries out to us under the pan handling and ambulance sirens and senseless advertisements that if one of us does good then all are affected. If one of us falls among the many able hands that we have to help... then we all fall. I love you, the strangers, that I see everyday without needing a reason. I feel my uncontrollable urge to help people but the weight is so much that I too give myself an excuse and take a backseat to my dream...

what good is helping a few if so many suffer?

Well I can no longer tuck my dream away under a poor excuse and the weight that excuse has on my heart.

So, what do I want to do?

I want to help people. I want to help people that want to 'do' but feel that they cannot do it alone. I don't want alone to be an excuse anymore so this is your chance as well as mine. I ask you "So, what do you want to do?" and you tell me and I help you.

Conditions (there had had to be a couple but they are honest and go as follows):

1. I cannot provide any funding. To give money is not my goal and on top of that I have no money to give so if you want my help for your dream you've gotta come up with the green.

2. Whatever it is that I do, I do it with you in an equal effort to get your dream off of the ground. I am not here to do your chores but to aid you in accomplishing something that you alone could not. Some simple examples would a beach clean up, driving across country, skydiving, taking dance lessons, painting a mural for a school, studying for the bar, putting a vegetable garden in your front yard, etc..

3. I cannot help to do something that is morally wrong. Simple examples would be beating up a bully, hot swapping an Xbox from Walmart(Yes, even Wal-Mart), holding a clan rally... sticking to the ten commandments would probably be a safe guideline if you still have a question on the morality of your dream.

I am an honest person and I will do my best. I will try not to discriminate in any way. This is my dream. The simple task of putting this up on a site that nobody knows to look at has already taken me too long. As soon as you ask is when we both start living. I cannot promise happiness or success but together we can try.